Tacit knowledge is not easily shared. Although all people use it, it cannot necessarily be easily articulated. It consists of beliefs, ideals, values, schemata and mental models that are deeply ingrained in us and that we often take for granted. While difficult to articulate, this cognitive dimension of tacit knowledge shapes the way we perceive the world. With these ideas in mind, I would like the public to actively participate in the project. Regardless of religion, geography or origin, throughout the history of humanity we see strong connections between food, love, memories, home, our roots, culture, tradition, farewells and finally death.  The stories collected during the workshops function as an inspiration for each other and for the future. All of them will be collected and shared online. 

Recipe exchange: The starting point for this workshop is a carefully handwritten recipe book from around the turn of the century containing about one hundred recipes. I found it in a wooden cottage in Dalarna that I had bought. Forgotten and hidden, it will get a chance to be seen and the recipes shared. Throughout the show, I will be inviting the public to display their favourite recipes in the gallery. They can be handwritten or printed out. Visitors will get a chance to share recipes with each other throughout the show and all of the recipes will be documented and shared online.Food acts as a link between people. We all need to eat. Through recipes we can experience different traditions, cultures and places. Visitors can leave their contribution anonymously or signed; they can include a few words about the recipe, where does it come from and why they like it so much. 

Epitaphs: This workshop involves imagining that you are attending your own funeral.I would like the public to write a few words describing how they would like to be remembered by their family, their friends and others.Epitaph will be displayed individually on the wall throughout the show.


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