2013 Aesthetic as identity

Galleria Clou, Ragusa, Italy
23 March - 4 May 2013

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View the performance slide show on http://vimeo.com/68240763 
film "Adapt", 1,58 min., 2012  http://vimeo.com/57739072
film "Adjust", 4,36 min., 2012 http://vimeo.com/57739073

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From March 23rd to May 4th, 2013, Galleria Clou presents "Aesthetic as identity" by Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo, her first italian solo show. The polish /swedish artist shows 12 works in a combination of painting and drawing, and a new installation that involves the public about belonging instances as a human attitude, accompanied by a video and designed, following the footsteps of her painting language, exclusively for Aesthetic as Identity, the installation comes to life thanks to the close collaboration with Fidelio Studio from Ragusa.

With this project the artist reflects about the relationship between the identity of the individual (fil rouge of Clou’s year programm) and the appearance of the interior living, looking shrewdly the evolution of cultures and of the design and underlining similarities and anthropological differences originated by voluntary or induced choices about the residential area. The polish artist compares between their characteristics, cultural values and formal choices, defining, in this way, developments over time, until now, focused on living environments we design and in which we live.

A talk will present the show preview of Aesthetic Identity: a focus will be attended by the Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo, Francesco Lucifora and architects Vittorio Battaglia, Gaetano Manganello, Anna Fidelio, a dialogue through which illustrate the artist's project, but also a conversation and a valuable contribution which highlights the close relation between contemporary art and architecture. For Aesthetic Identity is produced a catalog with texts by Francesco Lucifora, Vittorio Battaglia, Gaetano Manganello, Anna Fidelio and Alessandro Miele.

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