2010-2011 Insider knowledge

We form our identity on different terms; identity which we choose ourselves to have depending on where we are and what is expected of us by others. Do we take it on and adjust or do we reject it? What are the consicuences? How much can we stir our own will in choosing our identity? Psychological, sociological and social anthropological theory and evidence formulate a system of concepts that I hope will help explain the notion of identity in my project.

I am interested in taking on a new identity depending on external influences, the ones which are forced upon us or the the ones which unconciously manipulate us to have a certain identity.

People's identities are addressed and brought into being by interaction with others. Identity processes encompass biographical experiences, historical eras and cultural norms in which the self's autonomy varies according to the flux of power relationships with others.

The ”Insider knowledge” focuses mainly on the desire to highlight the role of scandinavian architecture and design in our everyday life and what impact it has on us and our lives, conciously or not. The attention to the territory, social communication, research and experimentation thus become the basic ingredients that turn this project into a laboratory, creating a dialogue about the potential of a private living space as an ideal place for exchange of knowledge about who we are in relationship with the space we live in.

 Home treatment. It took him almost ten years to find a perfect spot, acrylic and wash on canvas, 100x81cm, 
Cumulonimbusmoln, acrylic and wash on canvas, 100x81cm, Scandinavian white. Everything is carefully arranged.
The table makes a difference, acrylic and wash on canvas, 100x81cm
included in Vårsalongen 2011, Liljevalchs konsthall, Stockholm/Sweden

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